NCP – Nordic Comfort Products


Nordic Comfort Products is very mindful of the need to be eco-conscious. That is why the company makes a considerable effort to ensure that its production is environmentally sustainable, and that it makes a positive contribution to the local circular economy. By reusing plastic and steel from local industries to produce its new products, NCP is investing in a healthier environment as well as the future.

One of the company’s major products, the S-1500 chair, is made wholly from recycled plastic from Helgeland’s aquaculture industry. The chair is a result of the collaboration between NCP, the architecture and design firm, Snøhetta, and the aquaculture companies Nova Sea and Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett. The chair’s name, S-1500, has a simple explanation; S stands for Snøhetta – and precisely 1500 grams of recycled plastic are used to make each chair.

The factory of NCP is situated in scenic surroundings at Hemnesberget. Nordic Comfort Products is the only company in Northern Norway manufacturing furniture for the commercial market. It delivers chairs and tables both abroad and throughout Norway.

The company traces its beginnings back to 1932, when ROMO established its factories in Oslo. Nordic Comfort Products (NCP) was established in 1973 when it assumed control over Romo’s steel furniture production. The year 1989 saw a change in ownership and a relocation to Hemnesberget in Northern Norway.