NCP and Snøhetta – plastic rubbish into a designer chair

Nordic Comfort Products (NC) has collaborated with the renowned designers of Snøhetta to produce the S-1500 chair, made wholly from recycled plastic from Helgeland’s aquaculture industry.

Snøhetta are renowned as the architects behind the Norwegian Opera in Oslo, Ground Zero in New York, and Egypt’s New Library of Alexandria. They also designed NCP’s striking S-1500 chair!

Every time someone buys an S-1500 chair, they are recycling 1.5 kg of plastic from the Helgeland’s aquaculture industry. Equally important, of course, is that they are getting a very comfortable chair that is a welcome visual addition to any interior space.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise that this is an award-winning idea from Hemnesberget, a little fjordside village in Northern Norway!

There is a good chance one of these chairs is already in use somewhere near you – at a school or conference facility, a museum, or at the popular restaurant The Salmon in Oslo.