Some of the big and nice cabins at Bjerka Camping seen on a summer day surrounded by green and lively nature.

Bjerka Camping

Bjerka Camping is idyllically situated in tranquil surroundings right by the Bjerka river. Even so, it is conveniently accessible, being only a few hundred metres from highway E6 and the Bjerka Railway Station. Here, in the heart of the Okstindan Nature and Culture Park, you have a perfect base from

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The gas station, Circle K, in Korgen on a cloudy day seen from the main road, the E6 passing right by.

Circle K in Korgen

Whether you need fuel for your car or to energise yourself, you will find what you need at Circle K in Korgen! Depending on your preference, Tom and his friendly team will serve you burgers or “homemade” pizza, sandwiches or salads, from early in the morning until late in the

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Happy personnel at Coop Prix Korgen standing eagerly below the entrance of the store that says “Welcome”.

Coop Korgen

Coop Korgen is conveniently situated by highway E6 in Korgen. Here at Korgensenteret shopping centre, you will also find Coop Prix, Coop Byggmix, and other assorted shops and services. The store has recently been expanded in order to offer a larger selection of groceries and other things you need for

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Fishing the fjord

A boat will enable you to reach many great fishing spots in the Sørfjord. Visitors can rent boats from Hemnes Ferie. If you’re sailing the coast in your own boat, there are guest harbours available in Hemnesberget, as well as in the villages Bjerka and Finneidfjord. Fortunately, you don’t really

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