Some of the big and nice cabins at Bjerka Camping seen on a summer day surrounded by green and lively nature.

Bjerka Camping

Although Bjerka Camping is idyllically located in quiet surroundings right by the Bjerka River, it is only a few hundred meters from the E6 and Bjerka Railway Station. Here, in the middle of Okstindan nature- and culture park, you have a good starting point for day trips in the area.

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Korgen Camping, seen from above, located right next to Røssåga river and in one corner of a great acre.

Korgen Camping

Just a few minutes from the center of Korgen and E6 (main road), Korgen Camping is idyllically located right by the salmon river Røssåga, with large fields and green-clad mountains as scenery.  At Korgen Camping you can stay in affordable, small summer cabins, or have full comfort in large, winter-insulated

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People climbing a steep glacier filled with crevasses, together with ropes between each other.

Okstindbreen glacier

Okstindbreen is Norway’s eighth largest glacier and covers an area of approximately 46 km2. The highest elevation is approximately 1,580 meters and the lowest elevation is approximately 750 meters. You will find snowy expanses as well as rock-hard blue ice – and glacier arms extend in every compass direction. Glaciologists

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Rivojen Adventure

Frank of Rivojen Adventure is a Sámi tour guide who is based at Hemnesberget. He wants the people who join his excursions to have the opportunity to appreciate nature’s scenic marvels and excitement, and to feel deep peace of mind similar to his own. With a day job as a

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