Korgen Camping, seen from above, located right next to Røssåga river and in one corner of a great acre.

    Korgen Camping

    Korgen Camping is idyllically situated by the Røssåga river, a few minutes drive from Korgen village and highway E6. In the distance you see large farm fields and lush green mountains. Here you can stay in a simple, small and affordable summer cabin or choose a larger winter-insulated cabin. There

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    Some of the big and nice cabins at Bjerka Camping seen on a summer day surrounded by green and lively nature.

    Bjerka Camping

    Bjerka Camping is idyllically situated in tranquil surroundings right by the Bjerka river. Even so, it is conveniently accessible, being only a few hundred metres from highway E6 and the Bjerka Railway Station. In the summer of 2023, new local drivers have taken over the campsite and given it a

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    Green plants and decorative stones in front of the entrance of a white house, with a nice view over the fjord and mountains.


    With enthusiasm, creativity and a solid dose of courage, the multi-artist Yvonne Rosten and her husband Magnar Vedal have transformed what was once a bank room into a home, art gallery, ballroom – and an airbnb apartment (not available in 2023). Walking around the building is an experience. There is

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