Hemnes Ferie – A holiday stay where you’ll feel at home

If you’re choosing a holiday base in the friendly village of Hemnesberget, whether for a just few days or several weeks, why not also choose to be master of your own house?

Hemnes Ferie gives you exciting options, offering a wide range of private accommodation. You can rent a charming little house with a private garden, an elegant modern apartment, or choose lodgings in the home of one of the artists or musicians who live in Hemnesberget. All of these holiday accommodations are situated in the heart of Hemnesberget village, with a beautiful view over the fjord, and are within walking distance of the fjord and mountains.

Hemnes Ferie even offers you an overnight stay in a tent perched in the trees! And they offer boat hire as well.

Booking and price

A charming house, which comfortably sleeps six–eight people, can be rented at weekly rates from nok 6000. For inquiries about options for your holiday accommodation, prices and booking, please call Antoine on mob. +47 959 12 640.

We invite you to stay with us!