Okstindan – Northern Norway’s highest mountains

Experience easily accessible beautiful and wild terrain, in Northern Norway’s highest mountain range.

Just below the Arctic Circle, you will find easy access to the pristine Okstindan mountains that overlook white glaciers, blue lakes and green farmland.

Not many years ago Okstindan was reserved for the most adventurous. On their way to explore our glaciers and peaks, the mountaineers encountered only grazing sheep or reindeer. The rest of us were happy to “explore” these eleven peaks from a distance.

In 2014, the local Trekking Association provided us with safe shelter on the edge of the glacier. Thanks to an innovative cabin and marked summer trails, more of us can now share the joy and satisfaction of exploring arctic landscapes and great panoramas. Whether we spend the night safe and warm behind the huge panoramic windows of the Rabothytta cabin or outside in our tents, the forces of nature are sure to leave a deep impression. Just imagine an endless horizon of mountains, coloured by the midnight sun in summer, or in winter with the Northern Lights dancing across an immense and starlit sky.

Even though more of us now enjoy hiking in Okstindan, there are still large untouched areas where you can walk for hours and only meet mostly reindeer and sheep.

When you join us, know that our mountains are accessible from several valleys and lakes, marvellously shaped ages ago by glaciers and rivers. Some of these gateways offer service facilities and lodging where you can stay and meet locals or other hikers. If you are more tempted to sleep by the fjord but still want to enjoy a hike up to the glacier, no problem, that can easily be done in one day!

Welcome to explore our natural heritage! Travel safely and let footprints be the only thing you leave behind.